These photos were taken 27 December, 2000 in Brunswick, Georgia
of the old Sidney Lanier Bridge carrying U.S. 17 over the Brunswick River.

The original bridge is a lift span drawbridge being replaced by a cable-stayed
high bridge. The old bridge has decayed badly and the replacement bridge cannot
be completed soon enough, in my opinion. It was pretty scary walking across the
metal grates of the old draw span, having seen the spalling and deterioration
of other components of the old bridge already. It is literally falling apart!

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Spalling deck on old bridge Many of the reinforcement bars are spalling badly where they emerge from the concrete next to the railing.
Rusty lift cable anchors Rust encrusts the anchors of the cables that lift the old draw span.
actuator missing traffic gate The actuator is still there for the northbound off-gate, but the gate arm is missing.
Concrete blocks piled on draw span An assortment of concrete blocks is piled up at each end of the old draw span as ballast, I guess. I had to walk around them to continue down the other part of the bridge on foot.

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