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Updated 2006.04.23

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Road Geeks

Adam's Magnolia Meanderings - Froggie's site focusing on Mississippi.
AAroads - Andy's Highway Kickoff Pages good stuff, plus lots of links to other roadgeekness
Columbia River Highway - Tim Lyman's tribute to the Historic Columbia River Highway in Oregon.
Florida Signs in Kodachrome – Neat archive of distinctively-colored Florida U.S. route markers, which are vanishing quickly.
Greg's Road Sign Pages
H.B.'s Millenium Highway--Roads and Highways Page
Highway Heaven
Illinois Highways Page - Rich Carlson's site; he is also into ham radio, scanners, and railroading, so he's cool.
Lincoln Highway
Manual of Traffic Signs
Michigan Highways
Northeast Florida Highways
The Unofficial Ohio State Highways Web Site
Roads to the Future - Nicely done, technical site focusing on Maryland, Virginia, and D.C.
SPUI Freeway – SPUI on you! Plus, a number of excellent links to other road sites, especially concerning Florida.
US Highways: From US 1 to (US 830) – Excellent site by Robert V. Droz
ViaGuide - Top:Signs:United States
WRX900 - interesting nomenclature

Official-Sounding Highway Pages

FL DOT - District Two Construction
FL DOT - Exit Number - Milepost Conversion Chart - note: Florida is renumbering its Interstate highway exits to a mileage-log index instead of the old serial exit numbers; as of early 2003, south Florida had not made substantial progress on I-95.
Georgia's New Interstate Exit Numbers
The I-95 Exit Information Guide OnLine - Everything for the I-95 traveler!
I-95 Travelers Alert
North Carolina D.O.T. news
South Carolina D.O.T.
Virginia Department of Transportation


Route 66

Ghost Town Press
Historic Route 66 - Route 66 History - Associations - Gifts - and More
Images from Historic Route 66
Jim Ross of Oklahoma - Author/Publisher - Ghost Town Press
Route 66 Associations
The Route 66 Guide on Arizona Reporter
U.S. Route 66
US66 webring
Welcome to Route 66
Yahoo! Recreation:Travel:Automotive:Route 66

G.P.S., Mapping & Topo

DRG, DEM, DTED, & Radio Propagation Software
Garmin GPS Cables
GARMIN: Software Download Page
GPS World Home Page
IGEB - Interagency GPS Executive Board
Mehaffey's GPS Information, Software, and Hardware Reviews of Garmin, Lowrance, and Magellan
MS TerraServer Advanced Find
Nord Atlantic (Garmin dealer)
Sammysoft GPS Mapping Solutions Reviews
Tiger Map Server Browser
TOPO! Interactive Maps
Topo Maps - Topographic Maps - Map Software
Waypoint Enterprises Shows you the Way!

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