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Updated 2010.05.26

Some images have been displayed here at smaller size using html properties, although they are not thumbnails. I cropped them in an image editor before posting here. Downloading them directly from this page will result in the full-size image as I created it. Don't click it, but right-click and 'View image' or 'Save image as...'. Most of these were scanned in from color prints taken with a cheesy recyclable camera.

Flagler County 304 on Florida State sign Flagler County route 304 on a Florida State sign plate, submitted by Ron Gitschier: “I live in Flagler County, FL, and noted a sign a while back that I had to take a photo of. This is perhaps the only such style FL numbered highway sign I've seen for dozens or more miles from here, a FL Hwy sign used as a county route sign. It is aged maybe 40 years or so for Flagler County Route 304 (eastbound Haw Creek Road) immediately east of "Cody's Corner" off FL SR 11. The Florida Keys in the FL rte sign are prominent.”
Sullivan St. will be 2 way May 22 A change sure to surprise locals on May 22, 2000, Punta Gorda, FL. This is one block east of the terminus of US 17 at US 41.
7 mile bridge marker sign East end of the 7 Mile Bridge, Marathon, FL heading down to Key West.
7 mile bridge historical sign Historical information sign at the east end of the original 7 Mile Bridge, Marathon, FL. The "authorized vehicles only" sign can be seen in the distance just to the left of the standard for this sign. This sits on the bay side of the parking area which was created from the old approach roadway.
Authorized vehicles only Authorized vehicles only allowed on the old span at the east end of the 7 mile bridge, Marathon, FL. Authorized vehicles include those having business at the marine research station on Pigeon Key about 2 miles out. The old roadway is maintained (after a fashion) up to that point, beyond which a span has been removed from the bridge to ensure that nobody and no thing travels past that point. This is not the old draw span, but a missing span removed intentionally; the draw span is about 0.5 miles farther south. The new roadway appears in the far left of this image.
7 mile bridge plaque Dedication plaque for the new 7 Mile Bridge commissioned in 1983, Marathon, Florida Keys. The new roadway and bridge abutment appear in the background.
T.L.C. Gardens sign Acknowledgement of T.L.C. Gardens for maintaining the flora adorning the parking area at the east end of the old 7 Mile Bridge, Marathon, FL.
Big Pine Key 16 miles ahead Mileage info sign at east end of 7 Mile Bridge, Marathon, FL.
Key West rainbow sign The shady end of the rainbow, Key West, Florida. I couldn't note any information on the stone monument in the lower left because I shouldn't have been behind the construction fence taking this picture in the first place and had to get out of there real quick like when John Law drove past. The courthouse is the building in the left rear of the image.
Key West rainbow sign, alternate angle Close-up view of the End of the Rainbow sign, old town Key West, FL.


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