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Updated 2012.12.19

Some of the following images have been displayed here at smaller size using html properties, although they are not thumbnails. Downloading them directly from this page will result in the full-size image as I created it. These were scanned in from color prints taken with a cheesy recyclable camera.

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Fire truck crossing I thought this was a novel way to announce a fire station or a fire truck crossing, using a graphic to denote the type of truck with text to complete the thought. If I remember correctly, this was found on U.S. 20 somewhere between Springfield and Worcester, MA in July, 2000.
Private street dangerous Wow! They must have shootings or something down this street, to make it so dangerous as to require signage of the fact. This is on Route 122 southeast of Worcester, MA taken in July, 2000.
Heavy merge electric sign Not really unusual so much as remarkable that the photo came out at all. I didn't see the other drivers change their habits because there was a "heavy merge" anyway.

Southbound Garden State Parkway in the Amboys, taken July, 2000

Speed checked by radar Ooooh, sounds kinky, those "other electrical devices"! Of course, radar detectors are illegal to posses in Virginia. Southbound U.S. 13 at the Virginia border, taken July, 2000.
Streaker Rd A tribute to streakers everywhere! This is, coincidentally, in the area known as "Barrett" near Sykesville, MD, taken July, 2000.
Thickly settled This is a New Englander's way of saying there might be congestion in the area—at least I think that's what it means. Taken in July, 2000 near Worcester, MA.
Gandalf vs Balrog Gandalf will not allow the Balrog to pass, and he means it!


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