Unusual highway signs
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Updated 2004.02.02 01:40 Eastern U.S. time

Some of the following images have been displayed here at smaller size using html properties, although they are not thumbnails. Downloading them directly from this page will result in the full-size image as I created it. These were scanned in from color prints taken with a cheesy recyclable camera.

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Artillery fire crossing road day and night Artillery fire crossing road day and night. I think this one really *is* as close as you can get to an "Ammo Crossing" sign as there is. Taken July, 2000
Ammo crossing road Here you see my patented technique for photographing signs in areas where stopping is prohibited. Just lean over and snap...just lean a bit more--oh-oh! back on the road...lean over a bit more and SNAP the photo! Taken July, 2000
Tank crossing Tank Crossing. Enough said. Taken July, 2000
Tanks crossing road day and night Tanks crossing roads day and night, so never let down your guard. Taken July, 2000.
Troop crossing I'll tell you that it says "Troop Crossing" since my patented technique failed me. Taken July, 2000.
Tactical speed limit Tactical vehicle speed limit. Semper Fi!

Taken July, 2000


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