Warning signs

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These really are 640 x 480 pixel images; they're displayed at half size to save screen real estate.
They were taken with a Sony FD-88 digital camera.

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Tunnel electric sign downhill grade warning Downhill grade warning sign, Eisenhower Memorial Tunnel on westbound I-70 near Loveland Pass, CO
Truck grade downhill sign Downhill truck grade graphic sign, on I-70 somewhere west of Denver, CO
Use low gears sign "Hot brakes fail, use low gears" with their gear suggestion, beginning descent, Pike's Peak, CO
Hot brakes fail sign (dark exposure) Hot brakes surely do fail. Coming down the big hill, Pike's Peak, CO
Hot brakes fail w/stone wall Perhaps that stone wall stops those whose brakes have already failed?

Coming down the big hill, Pike's Peak, CO

Use lowest gear sign They really mean it! A steeper part of the big hill, Pike's Peak, CO
Continue to use lowest gear sign "Continue to use lowest gear" sign coming down the big hill at Pike's Peak, CO
Curve, slow to 60 m.p.h sign Slow to 60 m/h for the curve ahead. I think this was on US 385 between Cheyenne Wells and Burlington, CO.. I just thought it was neat that they thought you could be going safely fast enough on a two-lane U.S. highway to need to *slow down* to 60 m/h for the curve. It was a pretty serious 90-degree curve, at that!

The following images have been displayed here at smaller size using html properties, although they are not thumbnails. Downloading them directly from this page will result in the full-size image as I created it. These were scanned in from color prints taken with a cheesy recyclable camera.

Don't scrape your trailer on the tracks Watch out! Don't scrape your trailer on the berm carrying the railroad tracks. I laughed my ass off when I saw this sign, although it is creative. I think this is from a crossing on 14th Avenue at U.S. 1 just north of Vero Beach, FL
Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel prohibitions Entering Virginia on U.S. 13 south of Pocomoke City, MD. Please don't blow up the bridge-tunnel. Thank you.

Photo taken July, 2000.

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