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    Baseball Field Guide

  • Baseball Field Guide UPDATED — REVISED FOR 2023! Absolutely essential book for any baseball fan, especially those who think they know it all. Explains even arcane rules clearly, often with pictographs to illustrate how plays unfold and should be ruled by umpires. Costs less than a hot dog and beer at your MLB ballpark. Order now, thank me later.

NLDS Goes To Dodger Blue

    Vin Scully Intro

  • Nab it 2009.10.10 — It's time for Dahhhdger baseball.

    2009 NLDS Game 3 Open

  • Nab it 2009.10.10 — Download game opener comments from NLDS game 3 in 2009.

    Vin Scully Calls Bottom 9th in St. Louis

  • Nab it 2009.10.10 — Download Vin Scully's call of the bottom of the 9th inning as the Cardinals fall meekly to the Dodgers in a 3 game SWEEP. Vinny notes that the L.A. Times picked the Cards in 3 games; they also picked Dewey to defeat Truman.

World Series 2008 Game 5 Finished

    Phillies Win World Series

  • Download 2008.10.29 — Harry Kalas calls the top of the 9th inning with Brad Lidge facing Tampa Bay Rays Longoria, Navarro, Zobrist, and Hinske. He maintained his perfect save season 48 for 48. Congrats Phillies!

    Phillies 2008 Collage

  • Download 2008.10.29 — Collage of Phillies plays from Jayson Werth's walk-off win against those pathetic Nats to give the Phils their first win of the season all the way to Brad Lidge striking out Eric Hinske to win the World Series.

World Series 2008 Game 5 Suspended

    Charlie Steiner Interviews Ray Ratto

  • Download 2008.10.28 — Interview of Ray Ratto by Charlie Steiner on XM175 the Tuesday following the suspended World Series Game 5. Ray Ratto writes for the San Francisco Chronicle and the CBS sports family of web sites. I was particularly tickled by Ray's succinct observation that while Bud Selig might make a reasonable decision, he does a poor job of explaining it. I hope you enjoy listening to Ray deconstruct Allan H. Selig as much as I did. Of note, the interview was interrupted by the breaking news that Game 5 would NOT be resumed Tuesday night, the same day as this interview.

    Bud Selig Explains Suspension

  • Download 2008.10.28 — Bud Selig's scintillating press conference as the used car salesman from Milwaukee fumbles and mumbles his way through a tortured explanation of why Game 5 of the 2008 World Series was suspended when it was. He also explained the “rule” that governs this process.

Cubs Fans Stunned

Vin Scully looks out onto the baseball field

    Vin Scully Classy As Ever

  • Download 2008.10.05 — I admit that I was really pulling for the Cubbies to go all the way this year. The stars were in alignment, the team was playing well. Oh, and that 100 year thing.
    Then I watched as each of the 4 infielders made errors against the Dodgers in the playoffs to hand over victory in Game 2. I was stunned.
    If it helps any, Vin Scully wrapped up the 9th inning of Game 3 with class, as ever. Maybe this is the year for the Dodgers? Which would leave next year for the Cubbies.
    Maybe next year.

Manny Acta Becomes Nats' Manager

True Background Discovered

2006.11.15 — Manny Acta was named the field manager of the Washington Nationals the other day.

Sources say that Acta got his start as the front man for a now-defunct diner on old Route 66 in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. You be the judge.

Fat Man smiles over Club Cafe, Santa Rosa, NM June, 1992 shortly before it closedManny Acta smiling big

XM Is A Good Thing

XM satellite radio is ideal for the baseball fan. They air the home team's broadcast of every game in addition to non-stop baseball talk on channel 175, named MLB Home Plate.

The beauty of XM175 is that baseball is not just another item to squeeze into a busy sports programming schedule, it is the Main Event. This allows them to interview people at length, including players, managers, scouts, and journalists covering their teams. They also replay regular season, playoff, and World Series games overnight at random times.

XM PC Radio

Between the various radios that can be mounted in your home, your automobile, your boat, or carried around with you while golfing, jogging or hiking, you can overdose on baseball if you care to.


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