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Update 2004.02.02 01:35 Eastern U.S. time

Abilene & Smoky Valley, Abilene, Kansas

A working museum on KS-15 (Buckeye Avenue) at about SE 5th Street on the abandoned BNSF line going east to Enterprise, KS. Photos taken early April, 2001

There is an old Hutchinson & Northern diesel that runs the tourist excursion train with the yellow ASV 25466 caboose on its tail. There is also a steam engine, tender, and caboose stored on a track next to the excursion train with a caboose that has "UP 25183" stenciled on the trucks.

Abilene & Smoky Valley yellow caboose
Abilene & Smoky Valley, rear view
Rear view of UP 25183 on the display steam train in Abilene, KS
UP proof of purchase

B&O Railroad Museum, Baltimore, MD

Photographed early 19 May, 2002

B&O C-2478 first shot on roll

B&O/Chessie C-3842 blue side coupled to B&O engine 633, and pink side

Caboose train consist, long view w/B&O 633 pulling

Caboose train close-up of B&O C-2884 w/steam engine #4 passing behind, taken from the cab of GP-38 CSX9699, former maintenance-of-way engine in bright orange.

BNSF Work Train, Davis, OK.

Photographed early April, 2001

BNSF work train caboose BN10656
Detail of the info plate on BN10656
Rear view of BN10656 showing Sante Fe engine 6211


This was on the end of a maintenance-of-way train near Avon Park, Florida in early February, 2001

I don't know if this is a caboose or not, it's on a CSX ballast m.o.w. train near Avon Park, Florida

William Thies & Son

On the F.E.C. line at N.E. 26th Street, Wilton Manors, FL. Photographed around February, 2001

William Thies was a liquor distributor in the Fort Lauderdale area.

UPDATE: This caboose was moved without proper warning early on the morning of 19 April, 2002 up to a spur into Deerfield Builder's Supply, where it will undergo refurbishing. Because of the lack of advance notice we have no pictures of the move. Ultimately, it will be moved to the Deerfield Beach station on the CSX line for display as part of the railroad historical society's presence there. Hopefully, we will be able to get some video and still shots of this final move, assuming we receive proper advance notice this time. This article from a local paper provides some more detail.

Crappy shot, I brightened it to get more detail from the rear deck and door
Side view showing its new heritage

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