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Updated 2017.01.29

Bote's Railfan Pages

A Random Collection of Stuff of Interest to Railfans

With an emphasis on the D.C. and Baltimore areas where I grew up and south Florida where I now reside.

Florida East Coast Railway

F.E.C. Fort Lauderdale Train Watching Sites
Descriptions, directions, and maps to good train watching sites in and around Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.A.
F.E.C. Fort Lauderdale Train Schedule
APPROXIMATE times of trains through Fort Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.A.

Train Chasing Guides

Sand Patch maps — DeLorme Street Atlas maps of the Sand Patch area of the CSX Keystone subdivision, Pennsylvania

National Capital Train Chasing Guide — [obsolete] covering only CSX (and partially at that) around the lesser D.C. area with three lousy maps, needs updating

Jeff Hawkins' Virginia Railfan Guides as printable PDFs for NS, CSX railroads; EXCELLENT resource.

FrograilTony Hill's Bruce Harper's site with extensive guided tours of many popular rail lines, mainly in the eastern half of the United States.

Waycross, Georgia — Brief description and links to maps of Waycross for train watching possibilities

South Florida Guide — covering CSX and a little F.E.C. action in Broward and Palm Beach counties

ATCSmon — When installing ATCSmon on Windows 7 64-bit, save yourself a ton of trouble by just installing it to a directory where plain old peon users have permission to write, NOT to C:\Program Files (x86)\ATCS or the like. Once I uninstalled it and re-installed it to c:\users\bote\atcs it worked perfectly. I discovered this the hard way and since the ATCS Wiki seems to have gone belly-up I'm posting this here for folks who are searching for an answer.


All Aboard Days at the B&O Railroad Museum, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A. (before the roof caved in)

Caboose photos - for the benefit of Roger Kirkpatrick

Family archives - pre-historic stuff from my father's collection

Folkston, Georgia, U.S.A. - Rail Watch video festival 2003

Tennessee Wildflower Special - railfan excursion over ex-Tennessee Central trackage (now Nashville & Eastern) from Nashville to Cookeville, TN with E8A power; 10 May, 2003


Sounds page - Reference to sounds, F.E.C., and CSX sounds

Amtrak and Passenger Stuff

Waiting on a Train
Book — Waiting on a Train: The Embattled Future of Passenger Rail Service--A Year Spent Riding across America (Paperback). James McCommons sets out to rectify American ignorance of passenger trains by describing his rail travels around the United States in 2008. He writes of the people he meets, the scenery, the long decline in American rail travel, and its emerging renaissance, interweaving discussions he has had with dozens of the leading minds on American passenger rail. McCommons explains that Amtrak has been starved for funding since its 1971 inception but argues that a brighter future is coming with increased funding from the Obama administration, states working on regional plans, a new spirit of cooperation from the freight railroads, and the 2008 four-dollar-a-gallon gasoline price, which refocused the publicís attention on rail travel. Still, heís objective, and though repetitious, his narratives get the mood of train travel right. Heís at his best when deftly connecting the lack of a salad in a dining car with bigger issues like Amtrakís funding.
VERDICT: Essential reading for rail fans, policy makers, and anyone curious about the future of transportation. Read more.
Amtrak Funding article
Allen Sloan, Newsweek's Wall Street editor, expounds on airlines making all their profits from government bailouts, while Amtrak must grovel for the mere scraps left over.
South Florida's commuter railroad.


AAR channel/frequency table
Railroad frequencies and channels cross-referenced in a compact table.
CSX dispatcher code table
my page cross-referencing CSX dispatcher codes to areas covered and AAR channel numbers used; check it for accuracy in your area and report back to me, please. The host site where this was intended to be displayed, CSX Timetables, has been taken down due to the legal sabre-rattling by CSX; national security and so forth, dontchaknow. Sheeeeee.
F.R.A. Interactive Rail Map
works best (only?) with MS Internet Explorer; shows main, branch, and abandoned rail lines, mileposts, station names, lots of detail; sluggish and intermittent, but worth the wait
International Container Code Registrar
Bureau International des Containers et du Transport Intermodal (B.I.C.)
North American Shortlines
Google docs spreadsheet of shortline railroads in the U.S. and its neighbors
Rail Signal Tutorial
Long, detailed tutorial on how railroad signals work. Uses frames so you won't see a menu until you mangle the uri to go to their home page.
Railroad Glossary
Railroad lingo from Railroad Avenue, by Freeman H. Hubbard, 1945
Reporting Marks (PWRC)
database of railroad reporting marks by the Peidmont & Western RR Club
Links to other railfan sites
my page of links to other sites of interest to railfans
Private collection.

Miscellaneous Pages

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road signs, highway neatness.
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ancient two-way radio information; frequency lists.

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