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Update 2004.02.02 01:40 Eastern U.S. time


Railwatch Video Fest & Corn Roast

Over the weekend of April 11-13, 2003 Danny Harmon's Folkston Railwatch brought together regulars from the serails mailing list and other interested folks, plus those who just happened through town by chance, to sample video presentations by numerous train buffs. Of course, the room mostly cleared whenever a train passed through town in real time.

I left the railroad photography to the experts. Here are a few photographs of my little corn roast idea that sprouted into a full-blown cookout Friday night. Eric from Eustis brought his Weber grill to supplement the city's while hungry regulars brought steaks and chicken to throw on. John Parker's deep fryer produced a crispy bird that was more than enough for him, us, and leftovers. We also had a repeat performance with leftovers on Saturday night, thanks mainly to the Alien Recovery Unit visiting from Area 51 in Nevada (normally stationed in Melbourne, Florida). I hope these few photos give you a flavor of the good times to be had at these Folkston fests in between the frequent trains.

Even the lucky train crew of local A772 got a taste of the burgers and corn, as they had to stop to re-couple to their train south of Martin Street after switching the Union Camp paper plant north of town. While waiting for their northbound signal, Eric 'Weber' from Eustis, Florida took them a nice little care plate.


RandySounds of RandySounds Videos fame prepares to shoot video of an approaching train while John Parker prepares his still camera gizmo and Nick Mayer holds the beer. (This was a pattern that held throughout the weekend.)

Joe Oates in a most familiar position (see-food diet).

John Parker lets us know what he thinks of the corn roast; no really, he liked it...honest! The brain trust of Folkston munch their praise of the corn and steaks.

RandySounds keeps close watch over the city grill with an abundance of burgers and dogs courtesy of the Alien Recovery Unit.

Eric's Weber grill handled the overflow; I think Eric is dancing with anticipation in the background.

Dennis Snyder from Winter Park had no room at the table, so he enjoyed his meal on the platform; probably one of the very few times there were that many people in Folkston for trains, yet the platform was so empty. Mayor Dixie hopes to get a second picnic table installed at the platform for those cookout days, which might be more frequent from now on. The view north captures the restored A.C.L. depot across the tracks.

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