Bote's Sand Patch Maps

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Updated 2005.03.02

Sand Patch, Pennsyltucky

Cumberland, MD to Connellsville, PA

I don't know much about the Sand Patch, but train buffs seek it out for photo opportunities and just plain train watching. It's countrified hill country in southwestern Pennsylvania.

I prepared these maps using DeLorme Street Atlas version 9. One shows the lay of the rails without the highways getting in the way.

The second has the highways overlaid, although I doubt that you could use this one to navigate by.

The local map is a close-up of the Sand Patch locale, but do not trust the small streets shown there. Some might be private driveways or might not even exist.

After a long day chasing trains, head east to Hancock, Maryland for a home cooked meal at Park-N-Dine. Man, they can cook there! The turkey sandwich with gravy is their specialty and won't leave you hungry, that's for sure. Hint: you eat it with a fork.

Map of Cumberland to Sand Patch, rails only (30 KB)

Map of Cumberland to Sand Patch, highways included (67 KB)

Local map of backroads leading to Sand Patch (12 KB)

Park-N-Dine for supper! (50 KB)

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