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Updated 2024.04.20

This is the best information available at the time, but please let me know of updates and corrections.

Keep your ears on the radio because you never know.

My F.E.C. Railfan Guide lists the radio frequencies at the top.

LISTEN to my F.E.C. Railway radio stream from Oakland Park to hear it as it happens.

Or listen on your own scanner wherever you are.

Note: A Grupo Mexico wise guy decided that FEC needed optimization so train symbols and schedules changed in June, 2021.

FEC was the original PSR scheduler, so you will see various consists despite what's listed here.

Southbound Trains

Trains that left last night will be marked as today's train since that's when you'll see it.

APPROXIMATE Train Arrival Times Through Fort Lauderdale
Symbol Depart Dep Station Fort
Days Notes
101 01:30 Bowden 09:30-14:30 daily drops pigs at PEV; swaps w/202
105 12:30 Bowden 19:30-21:30 M-F (was 101) HOT UPS intermodal, auto racks; works Titusville, Riviera Beach
107 17:15 Bowden 00:30-02:00 Su-F intermodal, drops off hot UPS pigs at Lauderdale
107 18:30 Bowden 02:00-03:00 Sa intermodal
109 21:00 Bowden 04:00-09:30 M-Sa intermodal; drops off at Titusville, WPB; terminates at Port Everglades; swaps on Monday
121 15:00 Bowden 22:00-23:30 Th (was 105) as needed; Motiva tanks
191 19:00 Ft Pierce 21:00-22:30 Sa Waste Management traffic
193 turn Ft Pierce 03:00-09:30 T-Sa sb turn, empty rock hoppers for Medley
335 23:30-03:00 City Point 04:00-07:30 M-F The Unit Train, rock empties, sometimes Titusville cars

Northbound Trains

APPROXIMATE Train Arrival Times Through Fort Lauderdale
Symbol Depart Dep Station Fort
Days Notes
202 00:30 Hialeah 01:30-03:00 daily pigs, mostly; swaps w/101
206 12:00 Hialeah n/a M automobile drives crew north to relieve 105
206 11:00 Hialeah 12:30-14:00 T-F (was 202) rock, intermodal, mixed freight, auto racks
208 18:30 Hialeah 19:30-21:00 daily cleanup to Bowden: rock, pigs, tanks, whatever; picks up at Fort Pierce
210 19:00 PEV 19:00 Su fake 965 Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale) local, effectively
210 21:30 PEV 22:00-22:30 M Crowley intermodal; originates at Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale); swaps w/109
210 22:30 PEV 23:00-23:30 T-F Crowley intermodal; originates at Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale)
222 as rested Hialeah as rested as needed extra crew for 208; usually taxis back; train picks up in Fort Pierce
290 turn Hialeah 23:00-00:30 Sa Waste Management traffic
292 18:00 Medley 19:00-21:30 M-F loaded pea rock hoppers to Fort Pierce
336 00:30 Medley 01:30-02:30 Su-Th The Unit Train, pea rock loads for City Point

Local Jobs

Local F.E.C. Trains In Fort Lauderdale
Symbol On duty Days Notes
960 02:00 Su-Th [DEAD] nb from FtL 03-07:00, works Pompano Market spur; returns south 10-14:00-ish
945 01:00 Su-Th sb from WPB 03-04:00, works Pompano Market spur; returns north 10-13:00-ish
906 02:00 F [DEAD] 960 on Fridays is operated by extra board job
906 08:00 Sa works 963 job Saturday morning at PEV/old Andrews ramp/Lauderdale yard
906 07:00 Su works 963 job on Sundays, builds evening pickup for 208, transfer job to Hialeah
963 00:30 M Lauderdale yard job, switches 107 in lieu of 965, works Motiva tanks, Dania
963 03:00 T-F Lauderdale yard job, switches works Motiva tanks, Dania
965 00:30 T-Sa Switches 107, transfer job with Hialeah; sometimes pulls Pompano cars back to PEV
970 15:00 M-F Lauderdale ramp job; build 210, switch Motiva tanks

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