Waycross Train Watching Areas

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Updated 2009.11.06

Waycross, Georgia is a huge railroad yard with a town built around it.

Trains converge from four different directions, some go right through downtown in an impressive display of horns and lights. Others come in the "back way" or under road overpasses largely unnoticed.

The overview or localizer map shows you the main lines coming into town to get you oriented. The old AB&C route of the Fitzgerald sub crossing US84 downtown has been eliminated and a diamond installed to carry the Back Way directly onto the Jesup sub towards Folkston. This allows trains from anywhere to go to anywhere, similar to a highway cloverleaf interchange.

Haines Avenue overpass allows you to see trains approaching from Folkston and taking the wye left into the yard, straight across the diamond to go up the Fitzgerald subdivision, or take the wye to the right to continue on the Jesup subd. If you park nearby and walk up the overpass just be aware that under heightened alert conditions you will likely be scrutinized by police much like any totalitarian country. There is no easy way to watch trains from the old Depot that we found, but if you find parking nearby check it out; you could also park in a lot across the tracks and street from the Depot and view trains with the Depot as a backdrop. You could also head southeast from the overpass area on Walters Street or Brown's Alley (a dirt road) and watch trains roll to and from Folkston as they block Sweat Street.

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