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Update 2004.02.02 01:37 Eastern U.S. time

Great Northern E-unit #508

Helena, Montana 17 May, 1951

This photo was taken by my father (or a military buddy actually) as they awaited transport to Alaska for the Korean call-up. My father is on the right, Charles Persin in the middle, and George Mount on the left. It looks like the train crew to their right inspecting the equipment.

GNRR 508 photo (213 KB)

Idaho Springs Steam Display

Idaho Springs, Colorado 4 June, 1950

My father mugs for the camera in the cab of C&S 60 labeled "Idaho Springs". I think this is the same engine that is on display today; I'm surprised they were so quick to honor steam power since it hadn't been that long since it was retired.

C&S 60 photo (243 KB)

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